About Us

Lapdog in action!Somehow I just knew that the wifi radiation coming from using devices so close to your body could not be good for me or my kids. As I researched it, I realized unfortunately how right I was (see the About Wifi Radiation page). I sure didn’t want my wifi-device-obsessed kids getting all that radiation delivered straight to their laps. So I found a way to block the radiation (more research!), then sewed it into lap pads (even MORE research: not the least of which was how to use a sewing machine!). To my surprise, the kids took to it immediately and use the pads ALL THE TIME – never ever needing to be asked. They use on the couch and in bed, of course, but they are also great for road trips, of which we take many. The kids began calling the pads “lapdogs”, and so our new venture has begun.

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