Lapdog Sizes

Which lapdog fits my device?

We have two lapdog sizes to choose from: Big Dogs and Little Lapdogs. These two sizes should cover most any device. We want to keep the size large enough to be a barrier, but also small enough that it’s easy to carry along in your bag.

Here is a child using a 7”x9.5” iPad horizontally on his lapdog. When you place your device diagonally on your lapdog, you get full coverage. (Although it is meant to be a barrier between the device and your lap, this kid is never without his lapdog and so is being extra-cautious, even using it on the countertop.)





To see what we mean: here is the largest iPad Pro on the little lapdog. If you only use it vertically, as shown, the little lapdog is fine for your needs. But if you want the flexibility to use it either horizontally or vertically, the big dog is for you.



Here are the size comparisons of some of the most popular tablets and laptops:

And our lapdogs, shown to same scale: