Quilty As Charged LAPTOP Lapdog


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At around 11-1/4″ x 17″ fully open, the BIG DOG is the perfect size for busy workers on the go. If you are working at the airport, on the plane, or while sitting in the bleachers at your kid’s swim practice, use this on your lap under your laptop. You can also set on the counter under your laptop if you like to be extra-cautious, like me. Provides wifi emf shielding of ~80dB. (That’s a lot!) Sized for any laptop under 17″. Light for travel, and folds to a size convenient to pack away in your bag.

BONUS: when folded, it’s perfect to use while you lay in bed reading (or playing games, let’s be real) on your ipad or phone. It’s really two dogs for one price.

For now, these are all made locally by hand, so slight variations can be expected. Embrace the individuality and the handmade in the USA-ness!

Bird's eye view of the Big Dog
Bird’s eye view of the folded Big Dog
Bird’s eye view of the OPEN Big Dog


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